The Waste – what comes around goes around

The wind of change is blowing, young people stand up for our planet. Ecology is the most important problem and we have to take care of it now in order to sustain future generations. One of the biggest issues is waste. I met with Natalia who already has a plan how to solve the problem in the fashion and textile industry. With her company, The Waste, she shows how to handle the problem in a creative way. Natalia is not a character who follows trends she is a pioneer.

“I was always interested in fashion but the fact that I started my company based on the zero waste philosophy is a bit of a coincidence. During my work for the furniture company Noti, I observed how much fabric waste is left from the production. Companies don’t have the awareness nor the plan how to reuse this waste. That was a moment when I got the idea of starting my own project.”

Natalia started her company not even a year ago and she cooperates with Noti, Pajak and Bizuu. Just to make things clear, she’s not getting the fabric waste for free. Some companies organise fabric sale and some sell it directly to Natalia. Her rule is: minimum 50% of the product is made of reused materials.

“I don’t see limitations in reusing fabric waste. Combining different patterns and structures is where the fun starts. I have to create something new from what I get and my resource is random, that’s the challenge. For example, when I saw few pieces of fake fur on sale in Bizuu I immediately pictured the muff. “

We both agree that reusing the waste is an expression of resourcefulness, economical thinking and most of all creativity. People who are ecologically aware treat minimalism and zero waste concept as a way of life, not only a temporary fashion.

“I don’t follow trends, I want to stay natural. It’s quite difficult for me to describe my work or tag my products without being pigeonholed. Reusing the waste from production, giving it a second life and implementing my products, this is my mission.”

In the beginning she made a collection of 20 items and in the last few months she was able to implement 4 products. It is difficult to obtain fabrics and accessories from companies because they simply don’t have a policy on the production waste.

“My dream is to manage the textile waste on a big scale. First of all to optimise the  pattern cutting software in order to create as little waste as possible and secondly to coordinate cooperation between the factories and the designers.” 

Natalia believes strongly in a circle of life. What comes around goes around. Circulation is not only a physical phenomena it shows in different aspects of life. At the moment we observe that people come close to nature, eat healthy, seek to live slow life. Let’s hope it’s not only a passing trend. If we don’t take care of our planet it will reject us one day. Natalia created a new re-word “repurpose” which captures exactly her philosophy as an entrepreneur.

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