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The world of new technologies is showing us visions of new, improved life: Internet of Things, smart cities or digital assistant like voice recognition. A Warsaw based start-up tylko made it’s vision come true and is presenting an easy way of creating your own piece of furniture using an application based on augmented reality.

We all know how difficult it is to find a piece of furniture that we have in mind, in a right colour, dimensions, good quality and a reasonable price. Mission impossible that occupies lots of time and energy, not to mention the discussions with your other half. Here comes tylko, the company who’s motto is easiness.

During launch party of tylko hosted by Freunde von Freunde in Berlin I had a look at their custom-made furniture which combine modern design with hight quality of materials and production. I also met Mikołaj Molenda, one of the four founders of the company, with whom I had a conversation later on in Warsaw. I was impressed by the passion and the dedication he was speaking with. A true visionary.

“We are the company which is focused on human being and his needs. It should be easy for our clients to design a furniture, order and assembly it at home. It  was our desire from the start to let people create and see the object in their private space.”

In the beginning there was Bridge, the design studio where Hania Kokczyńska, Jacek Majewski, Michał Piasecki and Mikołaj were doing projects combining new technologies and design. It was a place where they could experiment and learn how  to apply augmented reality. They designed applications for ESA ( European Space Agency) or BMBW (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Wissenschaft ) . The exhibition Opera Lab, made for the National Opera in Warsaw, was a proof that modern technology is not excluding any social groups. The application, which merged physical and virtual world, was so easy to handle that children or elderly people had no problems using it. Starting the project tylko was a natural course of events.

“We have chosen furniture to work on because we see a great potential for augmented reality and parametric design in this industry. We are pioneers in this field. tylko is a next generation company which makes our home a better place and our life easier. We think about the human condition, we want our furniture to reflect ones needs and passions.”

As the company is growing, Krystian Kowalski joined tylko as a head of design. Mikołaj is explaining that it was a logical step to give this department to a professional with a great talent.

“Our concept is challenging for the designer. It requires a new mindset. An algorithm is a tool to express ones vision, it’s a world between a designer and an object. Our biggest challange was to create an application which gives a great freedom of designing for our customer but at the same time creates furniture that look proportional and pretty.”

Listening to clients is a recurring theme in our conversation. Above being a pioneer on the market, using augmented reality and parametric design, tylko is most of all a customer-centric company. The improvement of a product is based on client’s feedback. This company simply trusts us and in return we get a piece of furniture with beautiful design, fun to custom and easy to assembly. 

Learn more about customize design at tylko

Photos by Max Zieliński and Lawrence for tylko

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