The fabulous world of Vaczor

Ceramics are unique products which can fulfil practical function but can also become an art object. You can take a plate and use it everyday in the kitchen but you can also hang it on the wall and assign to it an artistic value. When I saw ceramics by Agnieszka Waczyńska, it simply hypnotised me. The pattern, the surface texture and the form of these objects create a fantastic world of Vaczor. I visited Agnieszka at her ceramic studio in Warsaw.

Her signature is shiny little dots that cover the mat surface of the ceramics.

“I like different textures and I draw from nature, especially underwater world. Fishes, octopuses or corals have incredible skin textures, made by hundreds of dots. Anyway if you place tree dots you just cannot stop right there you have to continue . It’s an addictive process. Eventhough I have to place hundreds of them I don’t get tired, I feel harmony and my mind relaxes.”

Agnieszka studied industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. During the education she did some assignments for the ceramic workshop but the focus lied on designing. She didn’t have an opportunity to learn a practical side of pottery.

“The moment of fascination came when I visited an exhibition of Marek Cecuła ( the world famous ceramic artist and the founder of Modus Design Studio ) organised by Contemporary Art Center in Warsaw. I’ve seen the thinnest porcelain ever. The cups were so fragile, almost like glass-made. I still have a memory of touching these object. The thin form of Marek Cecuła’s ceramics are always on my mind while I’m working in my studio.”

Her friend persuaded her to take part in a professional pottery course which she did and it changed her life. After few years of practicing and experimenting she found her style. Two years ago Agnieszka opened an art ceramic studio and gave her unique line a name – Vaczor.

“The inspiration for the form and texture comes from nature that surrounds us, what’s underwater or what’s in the air. In the beginning I was choosing bright colours, cream or pastel. Since I have my own workshop I have more freedom to experiment and my ceramic became versatile in colour and shape.”

Agnieszka uses stoneware as a material and burns the forms at a very high temperature which makes the ceramic less fragile and waterproof. To achieve a delicate structure she grinds and polishes the surface very thoroughly.

“It is of great importance to me how one is sensing my product even if it mostly stands on a shelf or a table, often untouched. These are mostly small forms which resemble pieces of jewellery to me. They should feel really nice when you touch them.”

Vaczor ceramics create a wonderful, homogenous world of its own. The objects are perfect for presenting plants or flowers. They are beautiful to watch and get even more charming if you just hold them in your hand. So fragile, so pretty. Small is beautiful!

Visit Agnieszka Waczyńska at Vaczor

Photos by Asia K. and Vaczor

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