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When I saw the booth of Mijo Line during Warsaw Home Fair I was immediately drawn to it. It exuded natural beauty and harmony of the products they presented. It felt like an oasis for someone who spent already few hours on the fair.

It all started with a friendship, Asia and Mirka met few years ago and discovered they are on the same wavelength. Asia was brought up in the country side and it is nature which is her source of inspiration. She lives in a ranger station and works for Polish state forest. Mirka is an interior designer. A perfect match to create products of beauty and nature.

“We both love arts and objects inspired by nature. We love to be surrounded with beautiful things and so we decided to create them.”

Their collaboration as Mijo Line started three years ago. They designed a collection of beddings, plaids, cushions, kitchen and bathroom items as well as bags. Made exclusively of organic linen.

“Linen always fascinated us and that’s why it’s the main component of our creations. We use the best quality European fabric. Thanks to a special production process it’s soft and pleasant to touch without losing its natural properties.”

Touching products designed by Asia and Mirka completely changed my view on linen. In my memories I kept it as a rough and rigid fabric. To my astonishment, Mijo Line items are nice and soft. I instantly felt like wrapping myself with the blanket and stay in that cosy cocoon. I can assure you it is not only my experience.

The choice of colour palette is also inspired by nature. Asia told me a wonderful story of a forest that changes colour scheme over the passing seasons. The first association is clearly green but forest has many faces and it’s beautiful during every season. There, you can find the most harmonious colour combinations.

“When we start working on a new product we concentrate on the fabric. Linen itself is a source of inspiration for us. We always work together preparing prototypes, discussing the pattern, finishing elements and every little detail.”

During my visit at Mijo Line Studio I felt serenity. I was surrounded by things that were not only pretty but also evoke a desire to touch them immediately. Their products combine beauty and great design but most of all reflect the love for nature and simplicity.

Visit Asia and Mirka at Mijo Line

All images by Mijo Line

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