Polishman in Berlin – QUADRAT

There are few Polish islands on the map of Berlin. One of those, situated right in the center of the city, is Quadrat, a store with Polish fashion and design.

Maciek Tyszecki, the owner of the store, is an extraordinary man with a colourful past. After studying anthropology he opened Foto and Modeling Agency in Poznań. In 2008 he was clearly tired of this profession and decided to follow his real passion which is traveling. Together with his former life partner, Rafał, they explored China for two years. They continued traveling through Asia resulting in a book “Magic Asia”. He was also living in Australia and Japan. In May 2015 came a breaking point, Maciek made a decision to give up his vagabond life and settled down for a change.



Being still in Tokyo, he already had a plan to open a store with polish designers in Berlin. Strolling along the lanes of Harajuku, full of boutiques with different styles and concepts brought to perfection, he was looking for an inspiration. Maciek is very fond of Japanese aesthetics: simplicity, original form, high quality fabrics and materials. I could’n agree more.



He is a man of action so he moved to Berlin in June and opened Quadrat, in collaboration with his friend Piotr, in October 2015. 

“Mostly I sell items that I like personally. Simplicity in form, interesting pattern, the structure of the fabric, these are the aspects that I’m looking for while choosing clothes for the new collection. When it comes to a style of our boutiqe, it is changing. We are still looking for new designers and discovering new brands.”



His friend Kinga, founder of Confashion, and Anna Orska, a jewellery maker, were encouraging Maciek to open a store in Berlin. Their products are there to find from the beginning. But you can find whole diversity of designers from simple and soft clothes, kept in black and grey palette by CatCat Studio to colourful, exotic collection “We all come from a place” by Pat Guzik. As Maciek explains:

“ I don’t have my favourite designers, it’s continuously changing.”



In our discussion  I asked Maciek about the condition of fashion in Poland. His answer is truthful and in my opinion it reflects on different aspects of Polish life, not only fashion.

“Fashion in Poland doesn’t have a homogenous style because of the geographical position of the country. It lies between East and West Europe and so is the condition of Polish fashion. Designers are influenced by western aesthetic, catwalks of Paris, London or Tokyo but still preserve a slavic heritage. That’s what makes the fashion scene in Poland exciting and unique.”



The clientele in Maciek’s store is very international and eclectic. He stoped being a nomad and now the world is coming to him instead. His customers have one thing in common thou: appreciation of unique items with high quality.

“Slowfashion is competing with fast fashion all the time. It depends on the awareness of a client. Does he want to buy a product which is produced in Europe from high quality materials? Of course it shows in the price but it is your choice.”


Visit Maciek’s shop at quadratshop.com

All photos by Asia K.




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