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Perceiving art and design we concentrate on what we see. Works of Magda Wieczorek, founder of Besign Studio, go far beyond visual aspect. Her aesthetic feeling and how she applies it while designing a space or an object really impressed me.

“During designing process visual aspect and ergonomy are certainly important but the most important for me are feelings, senses and empathy.”

That is exactly what I felt when I saw the interior designed by Magda. You feel the space is not only pretty and functional but it will take care of your wellbeing. Also, the lamp series HEX is more than giving light, it will affect your mood. 



She started this project together with her two friends Filip and Tomek. They all met while studying at Gdańsk University of Technology. She graduated from Architecture and Urbanism Faculty and took care of a visual side of this object. To put her ideas into shape they decided to use stone, mostly marble and onyx.

“We chose this material because it represents nature and nobility. Together with light it can influence the interior, change the atmosphere.”

















The shape of hexagon also derives from nature. Common known in a bee nest, the basic element of honey patches.

“The form of hexagon is a combination of geometry and nature. It allows one to combine the objects and create compositions. When I look at our lamps I feel close to something primal. Although stone is associated with coldness, in combination with light it gives soft and warm effect.”



What strikes me the most during our conversation is how important for Magda is the human aspect in her work, especially as an interior designer. Just after graduation she started working on a big project, designing a headquarter for Flowair. It is a “turquoise” company which means it doesn’t have classic hierarchy of boss and workers but a human being is on the first place. Seeing this working space on the photos below I’m sure it’s a pleasure to go to work and employees don’t bother staying overtime.

















She also creates interiors for private clients and this is a very personal journey.

“A person for whom I design a space has to indentify with it, it’s like a self portrait. I always start with a conversation and do it on regular basis. It’s like being a psychologist a bit.”

















Magda’s own apartment is a minimalistic one as she reveals during our conversation. She surrounds herself with few things that really matter to her. Not only everyday items but also objects of emotional value. For example, a penguin figure that she made for Filip, her husband. She drew my attention to a problem of nowadays private interiors, where a television is a central place of a living room. In the past a common space was designed to bring people together for their daily encounters and conversations.

“Things, with which we surround ourselves influence our wellbeing and as a result it influences the quality of our life. That’s why it is so important to create a right scenography.”



Light that brings me in a certain mood or an interior that will take care of my senses, it all sounds a bit high-minded but this is exactly what Magda achieves through her work. 


Visit Magda at Besign Studio

Portrait of Magda at the top by Asia K.

All other images by Besign Studio

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