Embracing the imperfection – Jacx Badder Staniszewski

In the midnight hour I talk to Jacx Badder Staniszewski. Jacx is an extraordinary artist, performer, musician and activist. It is the poster as a  form of art that he has chosen to communicate with the public. A person with remarkable understanding of art and world, with fabulous sense of humour. Jacx is well known and established artist in Poland, living and working in Sopot. He has regular exhibitions all over the country and abroad.  Lately in the Galery of Polish Poster in Wrocław. Jacx also lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. While translating and preparing the text I came to the conclusion that his statements are so deliberate and complete that there is not much for me to add. The best I can do is to leave you here with Jacx and his works.



“As an artist I experience the double vision. While creating I also take a position of a layman who looks over my shoulder. Instantly, the dialog between the artist and the viewer emerges. I don’t want my public to struggle for hours with a question: what did the artist mean by that? My posters should be like road signs, have a clear massage and be perceived on many levels.”



“Through art I’m seeking the closeness to human beings. I believe that every single person, no matter the level of education, is sensitive for art forms and art has an impact on everyone. It’s sort of atavistic sensing of beauty.”
















“The artists that move us the most are the ones that are honest and stay true to themselves. We like this because we sense he or she is like us. The relationship between the viewer and the artist is balanced.”

















“Nowadays people tend to idealise their image, selfie is the best example of a chase that should keep track of time. This process has been exaggerated. My natural reaction was finding a balance. That’s how I started the project with series of portraits with deformed faces. It was my daily job to design such a poster and I was convinced it will last till the end of my days. I did 120 works and felt extremely exhausted. It had a big impact on me. You can’t destroy people’s faces everyday.”















“People move forward all the time and I like to take a step back. Partly for sentimental reasons but mostly because I like to grope the fundament. It gives me energy. “



“My posters are an antidote for the world which is defined and strive for perfection. Flaw is much more interesting for me. It may be funny and you can live with it. We shouldn’t be afraid, we should accept it as normal and natural. I know it’s easier said than done. Although I deform human faces I don’t destroy their personality.”


Photo at the top by Asia K.

All images by Jacx Staniszewski

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