Why polish design? – Anna from Lumann design shop explains

Anna’s shop is an amazing place filled with beautiful items, polish design only. Every time I’m visiting Gdańsk I go to Lumann shop just to wander through this collection of astonishing, pretty objects, never leave with my hands empty. She loves to tell stories about things she sells and about the designers she represents which shows that it is truly her passion. “You can touch everything and you can sit on every piece of furniture” – Anna encourages her clients.



The adventure with Lumann shop started almost 4 years ago. Before that Anna was working as a lawyer but she didn’t feel it was her place in life. The wind of change came.

 “I was always passionate about design and beautiful objects. During renovation of our flat I really wanted to have polish design furniture in my interior but it was impossible to buy it in the north part of Poland. We always had to travel to Warsaw or Łódź. It was shocking to see that a condition of polish design on a market was so weak. It made me think and convinced me that opening a store with polish design in Gdańsk is an excellent idea.”


At this point I owe you some explanation. There are two parallel words in polish design and it has something to do with the history of my country. During communistic times there was  Ministry of Planning which also decided how many pieces of furniture will be designed and produced. Because of money shortage and no understanding for art and design most of the projects were never realised. There are few companies on the market in Poland which are occupied with bringing life back to polish design from this period and also to revive the prototypes and the designers who are mostly forgotten. RM58 Classic armchair produced by Vzor is such an example and Anna’s favourite piece of furniture at her home. “Roman Modzelewski’s armchair delights me with its organic form” – she explains. You can see it on the left side of the photo below.



Beside running her shop Anna is involved in various design projects, for example cooperation with an annual design festiwal GdyniaDesignDays. Last year she presented two exhibitions. “Storm we can not see” showed the process of designing and producing an object. 

“I wanted to explain and make one realise what is hiding behind the price of an object. Most of the people complain about the price of designed products and imply that all the money goes to a designer. My exhibition showed how complicated is the process of designing and how many obstacles have to be overcome. We have to value craftsmanship and work in Europe in general”


Second one “Let the wind blow” invited guests to redesign the interior. People could move all pieces of furniture and decoration as they felt is the best for the room. It occurred to be a great playground for the small ones, adults were rather intimidated by the idea.



“What I love about polish design is it’s beauty, lightness and unspeakable joy of creation. Most of the time I see products only on the photo before ordering. When they finally arrive in my shop they look even greater, one can see how much heart the designer put in it. I admire polish designers for their courage, daring in addressing challenges and facing  difficult market in Poland”



By following her passion and her personal taste Anna created a wonderful atmosphere in her shop. The longer you wander in her secret garden, the more you will discover about beauty of polish design.

Visit Anna at her Lumann shop

All images by Asia K.

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