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Talking to Anna and Maciej, the designer duo chmara.rosinke, shed new light on an approach towards art and design for me. Few months ago they moved from Vienna to Berlin and presented an exhibition which won my admiration. Their minimalistic objects are filled with geometrical lightness and are simply grand as for my taste.



Anna and Maciej met during their architecture and design studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Gdańsk, Poland. After completing their education, they continued  at the Kunstuniversität in Linz focusing on space&design strategy. They have their studio in Vienna and also are founders of the gallery, Spazio Pulpo, a cooperation with breadedEscalope and Patrik Rampelotto. This space for experimental and creative projects hosts about four exhibitions a year. Very often chmara.rosinke invite other artists to collaborate for example: Matthias Kaiser or Benedict Haid. During Vienna Design Week they choose a theme for a special exhibition, last year it was “offline” and the year before “a book”.



During last five years this creative duo gained an international recognition. Exhibitions, awards and collaborations with well known international companies look stunning on their resume. Just to mention the Prix Émile Hermès finalists in 2014 and 2016, DMY Berlin Aword 2012 winner or lately the glass serie YUNO which is awaliable in wallpaper store.

“ We often call our projects applied art but we gladly work on commercial assignments, too. One definition of a distinction between art and design we can refere to is: Design must have a function, art can have a function. Starting point in designing is always a function of an object for us. Even if it’s absurd or ironic.”


While working on a new project Anna needs to have a connection between her mind and her hand. She thinks intensely about the matter and makes drawings. Maciej on the other hand starts his creative process with analysing and continues working in the studio where he can directly try things out.



Their work is strongly influenced by geometry and minimalism and it is not a coincidence . Being consequent about the assumptions in approaching new projects make their objects recognisable. They function as spacial logos.

“ We believe in objective solution. We discuss the matter a lot using rational arguments. While looking for an answer we do not base our choices on personal taste or penchant. We are looking for one objective solution. Factual arguments are more important than inclinations for us.”


But how can design influence our everyday life? Is it really that important?

Anna is explaining: “We are individuals that have different needs. We all have senses which have to be satisfied and I’m not talking only about vision. Smell, touch or hearing are equally important. People do not realise that furniture positions and choice of decoration items affect our wellbeing. Best example is finding the best position for a bad in a sleeping room or a desk in a working space. Our sleep or our work conditions are influenced by these settings. It is called a spacial psychology.”


“Our idea of creative profession is very close to modernism when an architect could paint and a painter could work on architecture. What counted was the result. Distinction between art and design is restrictive and outdated. ”

Anna and Maciej strongly believe that a designer should reject his personal taste as an advisor in a creative process. Objective solutions that’s what they are aiming for. This restriction results in breathtaking simplicity and extraordinary forms that are mirrored in their work.


Learn more about Anna and Maciej on chmara.rosinke

All images by chmara.rosinke

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