Tartaruga Studio – weaving is the new thing

When you see Jadzia and Wiktoria in their weaving studio in Łódź you travel back in time. It looks romantic, somehow nostalgic and it calms one down. They both studied design at the Łódź University of Technology and chose fabric design as specialisation. Although hand weaving was not included in the program that was where their harts ware in.

“I was always interested in arts and crafts. Learning hand weaving was my dream and a natural choice. For my graduation I had an ambitious plan to make hand weaved kilims my final exam.” – says Jadzia proudly.



The girl’s collaboration started in May 2017 and now Tartaruga is well recognised studio in Poland and abroad. Their favourite yarn is a raw wool which Jadzia and Wiktoria buy from ecological farmer in the south of Poland. They also dye it by themselves with synthetic colorants from a small manufacture called Kakadu.

“We love raw wool because of its roughness. Thanks to this yarn we can achieve desired structure and our kilims look noble. Also the colours become one of a kind after dyeing”


“Every kilim starts with a drawing, a project. My inspiration in the last collection was traditional hand weaving from south-east part of Poland, the Huculi culture ( now partly on the Ukrainian side ). I chose few elements and tried to interpret them in more modern, abstract way. Sometimes it is the yarn itself that is whispering to me what it wants to become of.” – reveals Wiktoria.



Jadzia, on the other hand, draws her inspiration from the architecture. She chooses interesting details,  forms, compositions and incorporates them in her work. They both admit that inspiration comes from passion and it can be cooking or reading a book. The most important thing is to be consequent and to do what you really believe in.

“Hand weaving almost disappeared in Poland for many years. Most people perceive it as an abstract thing, forgotten, covered in dust. We’ve hit the right moment with our project.”


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Participating in London Design Festival last September was a turning point in the girls’ career. Jadzia and Wiktoria had three months to prepare.

“We had to be very professional. So many people supported us and cheered us up from the start. We couldn’t disappoint them. We realised it is a serious matter.”- they both admit.



Tartaruga Studio drew lots of attention during London Design Festival. International galleries and shops took an interest in them. This experience gave them wings.

Few weeks later I met Jadzia and Wiktoria in Łódź in their small studio. Surrounded by beautiful kilims and wall hangings I was listening to their story, thinking how wonderful it is to combine past with the future, traditional technique with modern design. You can see it all in works of this creative duo.


Visit Jadzia and Wiktoria at Tartaruga Studio

All images by Asia K.


  1. Magda - March 12, 2018

    I feel good vibes from those two. No wonder their works won attention at the London Design Festival!

    • Asia Kowalewska - March 20, 2018

      The girls really have talent and are totally into their work. It was so nice to meet them and see them working in the studio.


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