Roundabout Baltic – Fairytale from the seaside

When I entered this exhibition my first impression was not admiration for design, form, material or people, it was nature by the sea. Softness of the sand, noise of the waves, washed away stones and pieces of wood. Shades of beige, grey and green. Very calm and comforting. Very familiar to me since I grew up at the Baltic Sea in Poland.

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The curator of this exhibition, Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, presented works of 40 authors from 9 Baltic countries. She concentrated on similarities resulting either from local inspirations, choice of material or the production methods. It shows analogies in the way creators from the Baltic region think.

“It is a story-exhibition. At the beginning there were travel experiences or rather something more elusive – impressions. I have noticed there are places where I feel at home. Well-known signs, familiar combinations of forms and colours. Over time I have realised that I got these impressions in places related to the sea. The Baltic Sea” – says Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka.

Presented works are not grouped by countries, function or materials. They are selected according to the seaside nature and surroundings. I was really impressed by these tree groups:

Forest, meadows, fields and villages.

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Nets, plaits, traps.

polish design, design from poland , polskie wzornictwo, polski design, roundabout baltic


Water, shells, underwater world.

polish design, design from poland, polskie wzornictwo, polski design, roundabout baltic


Roundabout Baltic is a narrative exhibition, an exhibition about designing with a sea view. About the way of thinking or maybe seeing which makes the designers originating from these countries somehow related”

polish design, design from poland, polskie wzornictwo, polski design, roundabout baltic


This fabulous exhibition is travelling around Baltic countries and was already shown in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Iceland, Lithuania and in Poland. It shows what really connects, influences and moves people living in the same region. Country borders and other boundaries are of no importance when it comes to creativity. When you walk among these beautiful objects you hear the waves, you feel the wind on your face, you smell salty water. Fairytale from the Baltic Sea!

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All photos by Asia K.

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