All you need is air – Oskar Zięta

Oskar Zięta is the most famous, contemporary designer from Poland, no doubt about that. His Plopp chair, introduced in 2008 to the market, is a statement object. But it was only after I visited the exhibition hosted by Museum of City of Gdynia that I got convinced he is a true artist.


Oskar Zięta graduated from the department of architecture at Szczecin University of Technology and from the Swiss Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zürich. Since 2003 he has been working as a research associate and a teaching assistant at the chair of CAAD ( Computer Aided Architectural Design ) at the ETH where he is writing his doctor thesis. During his research he developed FIDU technology  ( Freie Innendruck Umformung – the Internal Pressure Forming ) which is a real breakthrough. It can be applied to create ultra light constructions for design but also architectural elements. Technology of the future!



“Usually, designers draw up a shape of an object and then attempt to adapt the technology to it. In our case we control production process and the shape is the end result. We call it process design. Working with FIDU technology is similar to carving clay: internal pressure causes the metal to change shape on its own. It shows the true face of deformation.”

That was exactly my impression while walking through the exhibition. He is a modern sculptor. These objects have incredible shapes, looking light yet they are made of steel, seam soft but in fact they are made of hard metal. Being produced from the same pattern never give the same end result. One-of-a-kind objects.



“With this method we are able to produce things that are lightweight but robust. I call it: less mass, more possibility. My job is to package air.”

Zięta has been awarded many prices, sells his products all over the world. He has two Prozessdesign studios, one in Wrocław and one in Zürich. True success story. Still I have the feeling he is more of a playful child. His objects resemble toys, balloons made of metal. Designing is a playground for him and I can definitely enjoy the game!


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All images by Asia K.

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