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Let’s be honest, handbags are a girl’s best friend and it is quite difficult to find the right one. I don’t have this problem anymore since I got to know  n a g o . These bags have charmed me and I became addicted. I was lucky to spent an evening with Ala Chludzińska, a designer behind the brand, who introduced me to her very unique way of working.


She was looking, like many of us girls, for a handbag which would meet her expectations. Finding it mission impossible she decided to make it by herself.

“It’s very important to be open to ideas and dare to create things. I see myself as a craftsman and I love to make things with my own hands. Making things better doesn’t necessarily mean adding, sometimes it’s quite the opposite.”



Sounds easy, but I have to add that she studied interior design at Art Academy in Gdańsk and is still working in her profession, thus she knows what she’s talking about.
The fact that she is very familiar with sense of space, form and proportion helps her a lot while designing handbags, she admits.

“The most important elements of a perfect handbagbag in my opinion are function and image. I see my little evening bags also as a jewellery. Big ones are made of light materials and are multifunctional. You can change their shape, you can use a belt in different ways, you can put it not only on your shoulder but also around your waist “



Her bags are unique, models never repeat. Sometimes she has a clear idea about the design just from the start but sometimes, especially when working with new types of leather, it is material that takes over the process of creating.

“It’s most fun when I combine bags with belts. I usually use vintage belts because I’m a big fan of vintage in general. Leather is a perfect material to recycle. It’s long-lived product.”



Ala doesn’t follow trends. She created her own style, finding beauty in simplicity.

“Being consequent at work is my mean of expression. It creates the brand. It’s like discipline when you work on your body or when you bring up children.”

Her inspiration is always a human being. Very often she imagines her clients carrying a bag. This notion moves her imagination and creative process.

“The multifunctional aspect of my bags is not so much about styling, it has to do with our needs in certain situation. If you carry a big bag and in the evening you go to the club you can reduce the size and put it around your waist so it won’t bother you.”- she explains.



Ala chose her own way of working and existing on the market, which makes her an independent artist, craftsman as she likes to be called.

“I’m so glad there are people who appreciate and understand beauty in the way I capture it in my work. When a client writes to me that she feels beautiful carrying my handbag that’s a great satisfaction. Absolute success!”

There is nothing to add. I’m happy I’m addicted to  n a g o!

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All images by Asia K.

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