Out of love for wood

Love for handcraft, material and detail that’s what struck me the most when I saw a stand of Agata and Mariusz, founders of Some Home Design during Arena Design Fair in Poznań. They are a young company but got lots of credits in design field in Poland already. Their furnitures and decoration items sell in a twinkle of an eye.

We meet in their apartment which is a lovely and cosy place. Agata baked delicious  brioche and serves it on old white-blue coffee service.

“It is very important for us to be surrounded by beautiful objects, they make us feel like home” – explains Agata.


Their adventure with designing began  with a stool for the bathroom.

“Agata knew exactly what kind of a stool she wanted and was whining and begging for it. Finally I got to work. Hard to believe but she was delighted with the result! Soon she had another idea for a chair in the living room and the sleeping room too, we needed some cutting boards in the kitchen. We had no dining table so Agata designed one and I made it. Everything that we created so far, is the result of our needs. Inspired and stubborn woman and a man who can’t refuse her – that’s how SOME got created. Our mutual passion – she invents, I construct. I make it because I like it. We are all those furnitures, they are our dreams come true.” that’s what Mariusz says about  SOME.

They both grew up in a small village Sława ( means “fame” in polish, sounds like prediction ). Being close to the woods they gained respect and admiration for it.

“Our creative process starts with a piece of wood. It tells us a story and we already see what it will become. Very similar to sculpture.”

© Some Home Design

Their passion goes so far that they drive 500 km to a sawmill just to see a piece of wood.

“ I mostly use wood that is at least 20 years old. Sometimes I find it in a family members’ attic, sometimes I get it from friends” Mariusz says and Agata adds “He is like a magician when it comes to woodworking”


Now they live in Poznań, in a lovely apartment that they renovated by themselves in just two weeks! Hard to believe!

“ This renovation proved that we work great as a team, just like a well oilled machine. Moving to a new flat and deciding to make our own furnitures and decoration items filled us with energy and showed how much passion we have for designing.”

They spend almost every weekend in Sława where they work on new ideas and meet family of course. Agata has  a creative mind and is a very good planner, Mariusz loves woodworking and making her dreams come true. Just a perfect team!


Visit Agata and Mariusz at  Somehome.pl

First two images from the top by Asia K.

All the others by SOME home design

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