Nature Boys

When I entered their flower shop my senses went in overdrive. It’s not only colours, forms and combinations that overwhelmed me but a scent that captured my imagination. Our meeting is a spontaneous one. Łukasz and Radek invite me to their apartment where I spend a wonderful Saturday afternoon, feeling like I’m talking to good friends.

Their home is one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve ever been to. It is a place of rest and refuge where they can unwind and create. Flowers and plants are everywhere but the styling seems effortless.  All objects are perfectly placed but at the same time it seems like they’ve always belonged there.



“We give new life and purpose to things. We don’t like to throw stuff away. During our study at Art Academy in Poznań we used to work with little and make things mostly by hand. We love handcraft and we want to show people that they don’t necessarily have to use a flower vase to put flowers in it. We want to inspire our clients to play with objects they already posses at home to create their own green decorations”.



They opened their flower shop, KWIATY&MIUT, in a lovely but a bit forgotten neighbourhood Jeżyce in Poznań almost 5 years ago. In previous life Radek worked as a photographer for advertising companies and Łukasz was interior designer. Being a couple for some time they decided to do what they ware really passionate about – flowers. Since then they put a lot of new trends on flower decorating market and started their own green revolution in Poland.



“We won’t sell these horrible red roses” Radek is teasing me. Introducing new types of flowers like poppies, buttercups, anemones, peonies, dahlia was a natural choice and made them famous in Poland. Dahlia is a personal favourite, especially dahlia Cafe de Late. They just started their own greenhouse and are very excited about it. Caring for plants is super natural for them.



“We want to educate people, teach them how to cut flowers before putting  them into water. Tell them which water temperature is good. Give clients plant fortifiers which is very seldom on polish market” – explains Łukasz.

Łukasz and Radek are visionaries who change the image of a traditional bouquet and the way we normally use flowers in decorating. Their unpretentious and genuine love for plants is present not only in the shop and home but spreads all around polish houses.


“Honestly, flowers are a beautiful fad. We don’t need them for living but somehow we can’t live without them. People can lose their mind for flowers like it happened in 17th century in Holland, when they made and lost fortunes during the tulip fever.”

Dangerous business! Well, these times are over but still my heart smiles when my man brings me a bouquet of flowers.


Visit Łukasz and Radek at  KWIATY&MIUT

Image at the top by Asia K.

All other images by Radek Berent


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