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I’m not an art expert, I’m an explorer. My mission is to take you on a journey to the East!

Art scene was always very vivid in Poland. Especially during communistic times it had a very important role. It has been always connected with feeling of freedom which people were craving for in my home country. It was very symbolic and back-handed. People learnt to read between the lines and artists had to smuggle their messages in order to avoid censorship.
Since 1989 the country went through many phases till it found its new identity.
For so many years people were looking up to the West which was more prosperous, colourful, interesting and above all unreachable. Suddenly they were free to travel and explore the better ground. Did it meet their expectations? For sure one can learn a lot from traveling.

Since I left my home country, Poland, to study abroad I was put in the different perspective. For the last 15 years I observe how many creative people have emerged in the post communistic reality. Few years ago I moved to Berlin, a great place for people who love visual art and music. My personal turning point was a visit at DMY ( International Design Festival ) where polish design was in focus. It was really astonishing how many beautiful and clever objects were presented. I wanted to see more so I went to various design festivals and exhibitions in Poland. It’s overwhelming for me to see how polish art and design scene is growing. It makes me really proud and eager to share it with you.


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